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Today I traveled for a long journey. I met a driver whose age was between 55 to 60 years. I will call him “Baba” in the Article. told me a very heart touching story of his life. After hearing his story, I became so upset. I think that he was at an age of 60’s. Baba was still doing a job of driving and was earning money for himself.

Baba told me that life is a good teacher. Baba teaches more than any of the professor of the world. I’m so confused about him. Baba was a father of two sons’. Baba told me that my wife is living apart from me with one of my son due to some family matters in which both are at the Pertinacity. Baba further clarified that he tried to conform her once but failed. Now this man is suffering from anxiety and depression at this age where the unity is very much necessary for both to live happily. Baba is living with another son. Baba was very upset for his wife but still he was not thinking to compromise for his dignity and values.

The more surprising and shameful act which he tells about is that our worst people living in our society. Baba said that my fellows make me fool on daily basis. They make fun and enjoy this state. They don’t know my inner feelings. They can’t feel this because they haven’t faced this situation. This is a very shameful and Unethical practice of our society. Why these people are living with our society. These people do not deserve to be part of our society. These bullies are the needy people and we have to help them to change their attitude. They should be educated of the manners of how to deal with such innocent people which are already victim of depressions and are at this age of their life.

Furthermore, I advised baba that you should ignore these people. They do not know your inner feelings that’s why they are doing like this. When you start ignoring them they will automatically feel this ignorance and will Tyrannize themselves to stop bulling.

Furthermore, I told baba that the relation of a wife and husband is very critical. This relation can only survive with compromise. In this relation one of the person has to compromise of his dignity and honor. If both of the person stand still with his ego and honor, then this relation cannot run smoother. If there in a strike fight or disagreement on any matter one of person has to sacrifice their feelings and should accept the decision of the other.

I advised baba, although he was senior to me, that you should have to make a try to agree her to live with you. If she still disagrees you, you should try again, if she still not agrees you should make another try in a different way, and if she still not agree leave it at the mercy of Allah, but do not close the doors of your house for her any time. If there comes a time that she came back to live with you must accept her proposal any time. At least baba agreed to me and promised me that he will definitely try again and again.

Now I’m going to conclude this real life story on the two very important points.

  1. We have to sort out the bad and worst mind people in our community and have to educate them, that they should not to make fun of such type of innocent people. Sensibly they should have to help them in solving their problems so that they can live with dignity rather than anxiety.
  2. We have to look back at our marital life and will have to remove any accusation and remonstrance if present that can cause sorrows and Ruefulness in future. This relation is a gift from Allah to all human beings. This is the only relation that can never be fulfilled by any of the world. So we have to think about it and be thankful to Allah for such a wonderful relation. In spite of daily routine tasks we have to give a sufficient amount of time to our family. This will strengthen the relation more and will help to know and understand one’s feelings and thoughts.We have to sort out the bad and worst mind people in our community and have to educate them, that they should not to make fun of such type of innocent people. Sensibly they should have to help them in solving their problems so that they can live with dignity rather than anxiety.

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10 Ways to Boost Up Your Confidence

In this article I will try to focus your concentration on 10 different ways which will help you to boost up your confidence.

This Article will boost up your confidence to an acceptable level. So stay in touch with me and polish your Skills and Confidence. Now lets get Started…

  1. List your Strength. By listing your strength you can judge yourself. You are the best teacher and judge of your self. You know better your hidden qualities then anyone else. You have to tell your mind that only I can do that.
  2. Accept your Limitations. Keep in mind that you have to struggle a lot with your Limitations. At the beginning of this journey you will suffer with certain circumstances which you have to make possible to achieve.
  3. Distance from Worst Community. Maintain a distance from such type of gathering which keeps you away from success and always disappoint you. About 75% of people are those who always try to demotivate peoples. Some of them feel jealous of others success. Its better to take a distance from such people and such type of gatherings.
  4. Keep yourself Self Motivated. You have to keep yourself motivated by yourself. People around you will be most likely to dis agree with you and will try to demotivate you. But you have to stand still and will have to take inspiration for your surroundings. You have to adopt the good qualities of successful people and people you like the most. You have to ignore the thoughts of people about you so than you can break all the barriers and hurdles in the way of your success.
  5. Join Company of Motivated People. Always try to join the company of motivated people. Motivated people are the rising stars of the world. They can do any thing in their life. When you join such type of company, you will always feel alive. Your motivation and knowledge will start increasing day by day. These people will always guide you in an aesthetic manner. They will always place trust in you and will build and polish your motivation.
  6. Focus on Your Strength. Keep focusing on your strength. Every in this world has a unique quality and unique strength. This quality differ a man from the other. No one can steel another person quality or strength. So you have to identify your strength. Focus on your strength. Always keep remind your strength. Before going to bed re-memorize your day time activities. Calculate your progress on daily basis.
  7. Take Lessons from your Past. Take Lessons from your Past. re-memorize your past failures. A failure is not just a failure. It has two types of effects. Either it will break a man forever or it will build a unique strength and experience in that person. A failure always gives an outstanding experience. Keep past failure in your mind and do not repeat the same mistakes and bring more strength in your thoughts and skills.
  8. Learn Beyond your Comfort Zone. If you want to rule on the world and conquer this world you have to learn Beyond your comfort Zone. The life is very short and you have to do a lot. So keep yourself all time in learning and implementing these learning’s. Polish your skills with these learning’s. One thing always try to spread your knowledge, Do not keep it only to yourself. Knowledge always increases by Sharing.
  9. Take a look at Successful People’s Life. If you want to motivate yourself beyond your expectations then, you have to take a look on Successful People’s Life. The success Stories of People always full with inspirations. These successful people’s have bring a change in this world. The world remembers them even after they are past away from the globe. You will find one thing common in the history of these successful people that they had worked hard all the time. They keep themselves day and night busy in learning and hard work. The history is full of the success stories of these brilliant people’s.
  10. Try to do something New. Always try to do something new in your life. Do not bind yourself with doing the same things for days, months and even year’s. I advise you to change your test and skills. By doing this you will learn new things and you will gain a wast experience. You will get a chance to explore the world. You will meet new thoughts and new ideas. You will meet new people which will help you to explore your ideas and thoughts.

Hope you will like enjoy and will found it helpful to build your future. It’s all from my opinion. I would like to know your thoughts and your opinion.

You must always help to others and help your colleagues. You must inspire and motivate them. This will also gives you more confidence and an extreme happiness. Tell your friends…

How to build confidence?

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